ironman certified coach"I believe to be successful in anything, and in particular sport. You must surround yourself with people who are driven by success".

For many years now I have researched different coaching styles. Some I agree with some not. For me getting the athlete to trust and believe in what you are doing is vitally important. With my considerable race experience there are not many situations in training and racing I have not encountered. This for me is important. Having experienced everything from race wins to a DNF when I talk about something its from experience. Not a book!

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

I limit the number of athletes I coach allowing extensive coached athlete attention. Something for me which is important. The potential Kona qualifier is as important as the athlete who is training for their first sprint triathlon. My focus is getting the right plan for each person.

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching sessions are available for athletes in the swimming pool, road bike, running track etc. For more details register your interest - click here and I will respond ASAP.

Mental Preparation

One thing I do work on extensively with athletes is the mental preparation. This is one of my big strengths. I am fully convinced that most athletes fall short of their goals not by physical approach to training but total neglect of the mental preparation. This is were I can make the difference! You can have one of the best structured training plans but if you cannot unlock all that hidden potential that every athlete possesses you are short changing yourself.


Another aspect I work on is getting the athletes nutrition right. Making correct decisions in everyday life and in training/racing activities.

"I have made all the mistakes.... so you don’t have to!